Martello Plant Hire - Price List

26 July 2013

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Hiab Lorry
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
Body length 24 ftCALLCALLCALL
Lifting capacity (arm in) 4.5 tonCALLCALLCALL
Lifting capacity (arm out) 2.2 tonCALLCALLCALL
Carrying weight up to 10 tonCALLCALLCALL
Beavertail Lorry
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
Carrying weight up to 10 tonCALLCALLCALL
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
Car trailers£40.00£20.00£80.00
Plant trailers£40.00£20.00£80.00
Mini digger with operator
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
Price on requestCALLCALLCALL
Excavators & Dumpers
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
9 ton mini excavator£80.00£80.00£400.00
8 ton mini excavator£80.00£80.00£400.00
5 ton mini excavator£80.00£60.00£375.00
4 ton mini excavator£75.00£50.00£325.00
3 ton mini excavator£70.00£45.00£260.00
1.5 ton mini excavator£65.00£40.00£220.00
Micro digger 28 in wide£65.00£40.00£220.00
Hydraulic breaker£50.00£50.00£200.00
9 in Hydraulic auger£50.00£50.00£200.00
6 ton dumper£80.00£40.00£200.00
5 ton dumper£75.00£37.50£190.00
3 ton swivel/straight skip dumper£65.00£32.50£140.00
2 ton swivel/straight skip dumper£60.00£30.00£120.00
1.5 ton swivel high tip dumper£65.00£32.50£140.00
1 ton narrow high lift dumper£60.00£30.00£120.00
High tip track barrow£60.00£30.00£120.00
High tip track barrow self-loading£70.00£35.00£140.00
Buggy fork lift£90.00£60.00£180.00
12 m tele handler fork lift£100.00£75.00£350.00
JCB 926 fork lift£90.00£60.00£200.00
250 gallon water bowserMIN.-£40.00
250 gallon water bowser c/w pressure washer£75.00£37.50£150.00
Bunded diesel bowserMIN.-£50.00
110 ltr bunded diesel container£10.00£5.00£20.00
Concrete Mixers
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
5/3 ½ in diesel or electric£25.00£12.50£50.00
4/3 110-volt - 240-volt electric mixer£15.00£7.50£30.00
4/3 petrol mixer£15.00£7.50£30.00
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
150 cfm 2 tool compressor£39.00£19.50£78.00
85 cfm 1 tool compressor£30.00£15.00£60.00
150 cfm compressor base machine£31.00£15.50£62.00
85 cfm base machine£25.00£12.50£50.00
Petrol hydraulic breaker unit£30.00£15.00£60.00
Compressor Accessories
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
Heavy duty breakerMIN.-£30.00
Medium duty breakerMIN.-£30.00
Small hand breakerMIN.-£30.00
CP9 breakerMIN.-£30.00
Air grinder (windy wheel)MIN.-£30.00
Rock drill (bits extra)MIN.-£35.00
Air pokerMIN.-£30.00
Triple head scabblerMIN.-£40.00
Pole scabblerMIN.-£30.00
Needle gunMIN.-£20.00
50 ft hoseMIN.-£3.50
Points and chiselsMIN.-£1.50
Tarmac cutterMIN.-£3.00
Clay spadeMIN.-£3.00
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
55E single vibrator roller£30.00£15.00£60.00
75E 28 in single vibrator roller£40.00£20.00£80.00
28 inch roller/trailer£10.00£5.00£20.00
Trailer hired with rollerMIN.-£10.00
80AD double drum roller£65.00£32.50£130.00
100AD double drum roller£80.00£40.00£160.00
120AD double drum roller£90.00£45.00£180.00
Water Pumps
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
4 inch Sykes pump£60.00£30.00£120.00
4 inch suction hose (per foot)MIN.-£0.60
4 inch delivery hose (per foot)MIN.-£0.30
4 inch lay flat hose (per foot)MIN.-£0.20
3 inch water pump£35.00£17.50£70.00
2 inch petrol sludge pump£30.00£15.00£60.00
2 inch electric submersible pump£20.00£10.00£40.00
2 inch puddle pump£20.00£10.00£40.00
Extra hose 20 ft lengthsMIN.-£3.00
Concrete Equipment
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
5.2m petrol tamp beam£40.00£20.00£80.00
Poker drive unit complete£30.00£15.00£60.00
Poker lead only£15.00£7.50£30.00
Electric poker unit and lead£30.00£15.00£60.00
Test cubesMIN.-£5.00
Floor grinders (blocks extra)£30.00£15.00£60.00
14 inch road saw£35.00£17.50£70.00
18 inch road saw£40.00£20.00£80.00
Easy float (hand)MIN.-£10.00
Muck skip ½ yardMIN.-£16.00
Concrete skipMIN.-£40.00
Tipping skipMIN.-£20.00
Block cutter£10.00£5.00£20.00
18 in petrol brick saw bench£30.00£15.00£60.00
12 in mini block paver cutter£25.00£12.50£50.00
Hand brick sawMIN.-£5.00
Generators & Lighting
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
2.8 - 3.4 KVA£20.00£10.00£40.00
5 KVA£35.00£17.50£70.00
6 KVA£45.00£22.50£90.00
15 KVA silent£100.00£50.00£200.00
Tower lights£60.00£30.00£120.00
Transformer - 3-5 KVA£6.00£3.00£12.00
Transformer - 6-10 KVA£9.00£4.50£18.00
Single flood light 500 watt£5.00£2.50£10.00
Double flood light - 1000 watt£7.00£3.50£14.00
Flood lights - quad£8.00£4.00£16.00
Plasterers lights£7.00£3.50£14.00
Festoon lights - 10 x 50 ft£5.00£2.50£10.00
Mini pod lights - magna lightsMIN.-£5.00
Extension lead - 40 ftMIN.-£4.00
Extension lead - 100 ftMIN.-£6.50
Junction boxMIN.-£7.00
110-volt/240-volt cable reelMIN.-£10.00
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
12 in - 18 in petrol plate compactors£20.00£10.00£40.00
fwd/rev petrol plate compactor£30.00£15.00£60.00
Upright trench compactor£20.00£10.00£40.00
Rubber pad for plate compactor£5.00£2.50£10.00
Ladders & Support Equipment
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
D12 - 20£12.00£6.00£24.00
D14 - 24£14.00£7.00£28.00
D16 - 28£16.00£8.00£32.00
Triple ladder£20.00£10.00£40.00
Pole ladder£15.00£7.50£30.00
Roof ladder£15.00£7.50£30.00
Roof hook£3.00£1.50£6.00
Ladder stay£3.00£1.50£6.00
Stair deck£30.00£15.00£60.00
Road Works Equipment
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
Road plates - 8 ft x 4 ftMIN.-£10.00
Fencing pinsMIN.-£0.60
Road conesMIN.-£1.00
Road lamps c/w batteriesMIN.-£4.00
Road signsMIN.-£5.00
Stop and go boards (each)MIN.-£10.00
Stand pipe and keyMIN.-£5.00
Road forms - 6 in/8 in each c/w pinsMIN.-£2.50
Kerb lifterMIN.-£5.00
Crow barMIN.-£2.00
Manhole keys (pair)MIN.-£2.00
Barrier fencing (per 2 m)MIN.-£2.50
Metal pedestrian barriersMIN.-£2.50
Heras fence panels (3.5 m)MIN.-£2.50
Cable detector£25.00£12.50£50.00
Signal generator£25.00£12.50£50.00
Tar sprayer£25.00£25.00£50.00
Spray Equipment
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
14 cfm petrol compressor£25.00£12.50£50.00
11 cfm 240-volt compressor£20.00£10.00£40.00
Spray gun for above£5.00£2.50£10.00
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
Turf cutter£40.00£22.50£90.00
12hp large rotavator£50.00£25.00£100.00
8hp medium rotavator£45.00£22.50£90.00
Power scythe£50.00£25.00£100.00
18 in grass cutter rotary/box£15.00£7.50£30.00
Chipper/shredder (blade resharp)£70.00£60.00£250.00
Hedge trimmer (petrol)£25.00£12.50£50.00
Hedge trimmer (long reach)£30.00£15.00£60.00
Weed burner (gas extra)£8.00£4.00£16.00
Post hole borer - 6 and 9 inch (petrol)£30.00£15.00£60.00
Post hole borer - 4, 6 and 8 inch hand opMIN.-£7.00
Weed sprayMIN.-£6.00
Wheel barrowMIN.-£8.00
Shovel, spade, fork, rake (each)MIN.-£5.00
Pick axe/mattockMIN.-£5.00
Patio heaterMIN.-£5.00
Lawn rollerMIN.-£10.00
Bow sawMIN.-£5.00
Hand prunerMIN.-£5.00
Drill Bits & Diamond Cores
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
Up to 13 mm (SDS plus)MIN.-£2.00
14 mm - 25 mm (SDS plus)MIN.-£5.00
28 mm - 38 mm (SDS max)MIN.-£10.00
40 mm - 50 mm (SDS max)MIN.-£15.00
1½ in to 1¾ in Diamond core£5.00£2.50£10.00
2 in to 4 in Diamond core£5.00£2.50£10.00
5 in to 7 in Diamond core£5.00£2.50£10.00
Extension bar (each)MIN.-£1.50
Comb holder (combs extra)MIN.-£1.00
Rammer footMIN.-£2.00
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
Mitre Saw Bench£15.00£7.50£30.00
9 in Circular saw (resharps £3.80)£15.00£7.50£30.00
12 in Bench saw (110-volt)£15.00£7.50£30.00
Jig saw£10.00£5.00£20.00
Recip saw£15.00£7.50£30.00
Power plane - 4 in blade£10.00£5.00£20.00
Tile cutting saw (240-volt)£10.00£5.00£20.00
Supa saw£30.00£15.00£60.00
Additional blades (resharps £3.80)MIN.-£3.50
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
Wet & dry vacuum cleaner h/duty£16.00£8.00£32.00
Hydromist carpet shampooer£13.00£6.50£26.00
Wallpaper stripper£10.00£15.00£20.00
Heat gun£5.00£2.50£10.00
Paint burner (gas extra)£4.00£2.00£8.00
Dust sheets - 12 ft x 12 ftMIN.-£5.00
Tarpaulin - PVC 18 ft x 12 ftMIN.-£8.00
Tile cutter (hand)MIN.-£12.00
Quarry tile breakerMIN.-£5.00
Tyrol roughcast (hand)£4.00£2.00£8.00
Floor scrubber/polisher (brushes extra)£25.00£12.50£50.00
Petrol pressure washer£30.00£15.00£60.00
Diesel pressure washer£40.00£20.00£80.00
Bowser pressure washer£75.00£37.00£150.00
Patio cleaner£40.00£20.00£80.00
Heaters & Driers
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
Small/med space heater (gas extra)£17.50£8.75£35.00
230,000 BTU space heaters£25.00£12.50£50.00
Home/office cabinet heater£6.50£3.25£13.00
Electric convector heater£5.00£2.50£10.00
Red Rad heater£12.50£7.00£25.00
Carpet dryer£15.00£7.50£30.00
Industrial dehumidifier£21.00£10.50£42.00
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
12 inch Hilti masonry cutter£30.00£15.00£60.00
Super saw£30.00£15.00£60.00
Saber saw£22.00£11.00£44.00
Arbor saw£20.00£10.00£40.00
9 in Angle grinder (discs £2.75)£10.00£5.00£20.00
4½ in Angle grinder (discs £2.25)£10.00£5.00£20.00
12 in Cutquik (discs £3.75)£18.00£9.00£36.00
Cutquik trolley£5.00£2.50£10.00
Wall chaser (blade wear charge)£25.00£12.50£50.00
Dust extractor£16.00£8.00£32.00
Reciprocating saw£15.00£7.50£30.00
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
8 in Floor sander (sheets £1.50)£30.00£15.00£60.00
7 in Edging sander (discs £2.50)£15.00£7.50£30.00
3 - 4 inch belt sander£10.00£5.00£20.00
Orbital sander£10.00£5.00£20.00
Concrete Breakers/Drills
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
2500 Kango heavy duty breakers£25.00£12.50£50.00
900 Kango medium duty breaker£20.00£10.00£40.00
Makita medium breaker£16.00£8.00£32.00
Bosch SDS max medium breaker£16.00£8.00£32.00
Bosch SDS max medium breaker/drill£16.00£8.00£32.00
SDS plus drill£10.00£5.00£20.00
Diamond core drill£20.00£10.00£40.00
13 mm SDS plus percussion drill£10.00£5.00£20.00
24v cordless drill£20.00£10.00£40.00
Mixer drill and single paddle£15.00£7.50£30.00
Mixer drill and double paddle£20.00£10.00£40.00
Magnetic drill (drill bits extra)£20.00£10.00£40.00
Angle drill£15.00£7.50£30.00
Electric needle chipper£20.00£10.00£40.00
Pluming & Drainage
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
Pipe vice£5.00£2.50£10.00
Pipe cutter 1 - 2 inch£4.00£2.00£8.00
Pipe die kit complete ½ - 1 inch£7.00£3.50£15.00
Pipe bender 15/22 mm£7.00£3.50£14.00
Pipe bender and stand 15/35 mm£8.00£4.00£16.00
Pipe threader with 1 set cutters£6.00£3.00£12.00
Soil pipe cutter 75/150 mm£4.00£2.00£8.00
Drain rod set£5.00£2.50£10.00
Drain test kitMIN.-£6.00
Drain plugs 3 to 9 inch (each)MIN.-£5.00
Drain Plugs 12 to 16 inch (each)MIN.-£8.00
Drain plugs 18 to 27 inch (each)MIN.-£10.00
Sanisnake 35 ft drain cleaner£5.00£2.50£10.00
Chain wrench 36 inch£4.00£2.00£8.00
Lifting Equipment
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
Trolley jack£6.00£3.00£12.00
5 ton bottle jack£3.00£1.50£6.00
25 ton bottle jack£7.00£3.50£14.00
15 ton toe jack (ratchet)£5.00£2.50£10.00
Pallet truck 2 ton£15.00£7.50£30.00
High lift pallet truck£20.00£10.00£40.00
1 ton engine hoist£30.00£15.00£60.00
10cwt chain hoist£10.00£5.00£20.00
1 ton chain hoist£12.00£6.00£24.00
Machinery skates set of 4£20.00£10.00£40.00
Block grab£40.00£20.00£80.00
Gennie lift SL15£40.00£20.00£80.00
Genie lift SL25£50.00£25.00£100.00
Extension forks for Genie liftMIN.-£5.00
Turfor winch£25.00£12.50£50.00
All terrain pallet truck£50.00£25.00£75.00
Car Maintenance
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
Clutch alignment kitMIN.-£5.00
Car rampsMIN.-£5.00
Axle stands per pairMIN.-£5.00
Bearing joint pullerMIN.-£6.00
Impact screwdriverMIN.-£5.00
Jump leadsMIN.-£5.00
240-volt lead lampMIN.-£5.00
Nut splitterMIN.-£5.00
Piston ring compression setMIN.-£5.00
Clutch and flywheel pullerMIN.-£6.00
Hub pullerMIN.-£6.00
Socket set (½ in drive)MIN.-£6.00
Suspension compressor (mini)MIN.-£5.00
Suspension compressor c/springMIN.-£5.00
Torque wrench 15-100 lbMIN.-£6.00
Valve lifterMIN.-£5.00
Sundry Equipment
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
Bitumen boiler (gas extra)£20.00£10.00£40.00
Bolt croppers£5.00£7.50£10.00
Double ring burner (gas extra)£5.00£2.50£10.00
Sack wheelsMIN.-£5.00
Spirit levelMIN.-£2.00
Slate ripperMIN.-£4.00
Safety harnessMIN.-£10.00
Roof tile cropperMIN.-£7.00
Pop rivet gun£2.00£1.00£4.00
Gulley ladleMIN.-£5.00
Laser level£35.00£17.50£70.00
Rubbish chutesMIN.-£10.00
Scaffold Boards & Trestles
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
Scaffold boards 10 & 13 ft--£1.00
No 2 and No 3 trestles--£2.00
Accrow Props
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
No. 1 - 5 ft 9 in extends to 10 ft 3 in--£1.00
No. 2 - 6 ft 6 in extends to 11 ft--£1.00
No. 3 - 8 ft 6 in extends to 13 ft--£1.00
No. 4 - 10 ft 6 in extends to 16 ft--£1.50
Trench Struts
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
No. 1 - 1 ft 6 in extends to 2 ft 4 in--£1.00
No. 2 - 2 ft 3 in extends to 3 ft 8 in--£1.00
No. 3 - 3 ft 4 in extends to 5 ft 7 in--£1.00
3m trench sheets--£1.50
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
10 ftMIN.-£10.00
12 ftMIN.-£12.00
14 ftMIN.-£14.00
16 ftMIN.-£16.00
18 ftMIN.-£18.00
20 ftMIN.-£20.00
24 ftMIN.-£24.00
Scaffold Towers
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
Work height up to 3.4 m/11 ft 2 in£30.00-£50.00
Work height up to 4.4 m/14 ft 5 in£35.00-£60.00
Work height up to 5.4 m/17 ft 9 in£40.00-£80.00
Work height up to 6.4 m/21 ft 0 in£45.00-£90.00
Work height up to 7.4 m/24 ft 3 in£50.00-£100.00
Work height up to 8.4 m/27 ft 7 in£60.00-£120.00
Folding Tower
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
Folding tower work height up to 1.9 m£25.00-£50.00
Folding tower work height up to 3.4 m/11 ft 2 in£30.00-£60.00
950mm Podium
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
950 mm podium£25.00-£50.00
Containers (minimum 4 weeks hire)
Item First Day Second Day Weekly
10 ft Container--£15.00
12 ft Container--£18.00
21 ft Container--£24.00
12 ft Office--£25.00
16 ft Office--£28.00
20 ft Office--£30.00
50/50 Split (office/container)--£35.00
20 ft x 10 ft Mess room--£35.00
21 ft Canteen--£35.00
Chemical toilet (price on request)CALLCALLCALL
Mini digger with operator (price on request)CALLCALLCALL
New and used containers for sale!CALLCALLCALL